Sunday, 31 August 2008

Για σένα Χαζούλη!

Έχω έναν κόσμο μικρό κρυμμένο μες στο μυαλό,
έχω μαζί μου ένα αστέρι που το πολυαγαπώ.
Κοντά μου ήρθες εσύ, μια πεταλούδα μικρή,
ένα παράξενο πλάσμα δίχως λογική.

Όλοι μιλούν για αγάπη από καρδιάς
όμως τα ψεύτικα λόγια δε φτάνουν σε μας,
λένε πς έχουνε ζήσει εμπειρίες ζωής
μα σα βγάλουν τη μάσκα τρέχεις για να κρυφτείς.

Σε θέλω σαν τρελός, δεν είμαι μοναχός
στο όνειρο πετάω και νιωθώ δυνατός.
Σε θέλω σαν τρέλος, μαζί σου ολοταχώς
να μπούμε σ' ένα τρένο να γίνουμε καπνός.

Έχω έναν κόσμο μικρό, φτιαγμένο μόνο για δυο
που δε χωρά τίποτα άλλο μόνο να σ' αγαπώ,
μα αυτές τις τρεις συλλαβές και με δυο θέσεις κενές
μες στης καρδιάς το ταξίδι να χαθούμε απ' το χθες.

Saturday, 30 August 2008

ISDE 2008 in Serres!

Finally the big day has come! Serres host the International Six Days of Enduro races from 1rst to 6th of September. About 32 countries participate and between them the Greek team: Adamos Prassos, Dimitris Kokkinos, Giorgos Kinonas, Stamatis Mantas, Dimitris Tsakatsonis, Vasilis Siafarikas, Yiannis Trigas, Leonidas Kouloukatsis, Mihalis Ouslios, Yiannis Pavlidis, Vasilis Papadimitriou, Christos Giasiaris, Efstratios Miroyiannis, Giorgos Manolidis, Mihail Trantzas, Pantelis Skodras, Fotis Skaris, Panagiotis Therios, Mihalis Provias, Giorgos Miloukas, Konstantinos Trikos, Apostolos Svinterikos and Yiannis Sevastopoulos.
People of Serres are very excited and the atmosphere in the city is pleasant, the streets are full with the flags of the teams which are going to participate. Tonight is the opening ceremony and the concert of Paparizou/Pyrovolakis and in 2 days this big event will begin! We can't wait...
* ISDE is one of the oldest motorcycle events in the world. The first International Six Days of Enduro was held in England in 1913, the winner of that first event was the British team.

Thursday, 28 August 2008

Tuesday, 26 August 2008


My dear Miss Xazos,

I leave for a couple of hours in Republic of Moldavia with a friend. I come back in the night. I'll bring sweets and cigars :D
Te iubesc !

Thursday, 21 August 2008


With every word said, you make me fall once again in love with you. I cannot explain what is happening with me, because when you appear, my whole life is a mess... but there's no worry, you're the center of my entire life.
I see you in every word sung, in every step I take, in every night when your hand's on my hair. I love you more and more. And I'm not afraid to die of this enormous love...


Meeting you, my love, was by fate, becoming a friend of yours was by choice, but loving you was beyond my control. Now I can't deny it anymore, I love you more then anything... Te iubesc!

Monday, 18 August 2008


You know... If one day you'll leave me, my whole life will be empty, because you fill everything in me. Right now, what for to write thousands of words If you see what's inside of me ?

S'agapw para polu xazh mou...